Winner: AON 

In March 2017, Aon began work with a multinational Malaysian client, on the company’s international assignee medical insurance programme. The company faced significant challenges relating to operating across multiple jurisdictions with differing legal and regulatory requirements, understanding a broad spectrum of exposures among its vast and diverse workforce, as well as balancing out potentially competing objectives of cost management and talent management.

Often cost containment solutions are developed without understanding the true nature of the root cause. The default position taken by organisations

is to implement changes to employee benefit design, shifting the burden of cost without addressing the real cost drivers. This is often underpinned by wellness initiatives that may or may not be relevant to the employee population being targeted. Supported by proprietary system Aon Pulse, the team enabled the company to overcome its risk and insurance challenges.

Influence health behaviours: Aon established a data-backed insights platform to assist with highlighting employees’ claims behaviour. This allows the company to influence healthy behaviours by:

• Engaging employees in wellness programmes that correlate to utilisation of the benefits programme.

• Identifying prevalent chronic illnesses and recommending corrective and supportive measures.

Optimise plan design: By providing broad, locally admitted coverage, Aon gave the employee base and their dependents the peace of mind that they could access excellent medical care, wherever they were stationed in the world. Through detailed claims analysis and statistical modelling of the employee population, Aon was able to challenge the underwriting assumptions that insurers had made about the company’s employee base. Aon was able to ensure that the company could provide its employees with excellent coverage at a cost that was acceptable to the client.

Maximise provider efficiency: Aon created one global master policy, covering all of the company’s territories. The insurance programme was provided and administered via one integrated technology platform, providing desktop and smartphone access. Employees gained access to the cover they were entitled to, an efficient facility to make and view the status of claims, and a directory of clinics and hospitals in each territory they could use. Aon also assessed the efficiency of the company’s network of medical care providers from both an utilisation and cost perspective, allowing it to select clinics that provide excellent care, without negatively impacting its risk profile. 




“This was an outstanding solution to a real risk issue.”