Special report: Intangible risks

While corporations, boardrooms and risk managers worry about the things we see in front of us, like buildings, fires, faulty products, or HR issues, very little consideration is given to less obvious risks. In our latest special report, sponsored by AIG, we explore the risk management implications of intangible risks.


Special report: Intangibles

The pandemic focused our attention on intangible risks like never before

Intangibles background3

Webinar: Getting a grip on intangibles

The pandemic has increased attention to intangible risks, but getting a firm grasp of the data remains a key challenge

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Cyber insurance struggling to counter online threat

Cyber insurance has failed to live up to expectations that it may act as a tool for improving organisations’ cyber security practices, finds RUSI

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Emerging risks and the “COVID effect”

Government support programmes have kept alive unviable zombie companies, while wealth inequality has broadened


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77% of global executives lack confidence in their company’s reputational and ESG approach

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A fresh take on risk

Is risk management strategically fit for purpose when it is too reactive and compliance-focused? asks Adrian Clements


ESG champion

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions’ Jonathan Rake explains why real innovation in insurance has never been more important

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Asset-light economy presents new, disruptive risks

Corporations are holding more risk on their balance sheets as the value of intangible assets grows