Don’t miss your last chance to tell us about your priorities in the 2021 Asia Pacific risk benchmarking survey

Many of you in the profession have faced the challenges of the last two years with the same, or similar, resources that you had at the end of 2019. Yet during that time your role and responsibilities have expanded considerably.

We know this because you told us. In last year’s StrategicRISK Asia Pacific benchmarking survey, 72% of respondents said their risk management budget had stayed the same over the past 12 months. 

At the same time, there has never been so much attention given to risk management at a boardroom level, according to 81% of respondents to last year’s survey. More than ever, risk professionals must speak the same language as the C-suite, you told us.

Have these trends persisted? Don’t miss this opportunity to have your say in this year’s survey. In association with PARIMA, StrategicRISK is exploring the risk management priorities for Asia-Pacific’s largest corporates and we hope to bring you the results very soon. 

To assist us with this important work, we’d be grateful if you would spend 10 minutes answering the following questions

As in previous years, the report will seek to identify the top concerns of risk professionals and explore the effectiveness of controls. Using more than five years’ of data we will explore how the risk landscape, and your priorities, are changing.

We hope this provides a useful tool allowing you to benchmark your approach and view of risk to that of your peers in the region.