Hail of up to 14 cm in diameter caused widespread damage during the 2020 South East Queensland Halloween Hailstorms 

Total insurance losses relating to the South East Queensland Hailstorms have reached $1.17 billion, according to updated figures from PERILS.

The losses arose from a series of severe thunderstorms which impacted South East Queensland on 31 October 2020, including the surrounding areas of Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and parts of north-eastern New South Wales.

The corridor from Amberley through to the northern suburbs of Logan near Brisbane was the area hardest hit by the event, with hail recorded up to 14 cm in diameter. Property damage from the event constituted 86% of the total insured losses while motor losses constituted a further 14% of the industry loss.

This third PERILS loss report provides a detailed breakdown of property and motor losses by postcode (high-resolution CRESTA Zones), with the data further divided by residential and commercial lines, and loss amounts split into buildings, contents and business interruption losses where available.

It is complemented with information on damage degrees and hail intensities based on radar measurements by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.