Parima is planning its first-ever digital conference between 9th and 13th November 2020

The Pan Asian Risk and Insurance Management Association (Parima) is planning its first ever digital conference between 9th and 13th November 2020, which it promises will be its “biggest-ever event”. 

Parima general secretary Steve Tunstall said the association was able to “use technology to access a much wider cross-section of our members - and partners - at one conference than would normally be possible”. 

“We expect much higher attendance rates than usual and have some really big hitters from the industry ready to participate,” he told StrategicRISK. “Parima has a chance to connect with our dispersed community in a way like never before.”

There is an opportunity to share best practice around resilience at the virtual conference, he added, and for Asian risk managers to lead the charge. “As we put the current pandemic behind us, it seems to me Asia is more likely to have a well-coordinated approach to opening up, rather than some other parts of the world, if only because our populations have recent experience of exiting several ‘pandemic-like’ crises in the last decade or two.”