Kyushu was worst hit, with some weather stations recording over 1,000mm of rain in less than a week

Prolonged and torrential downpours in southern and western Japan produced damaging flooding and landslides last week.

Meanwhile, tropical storm Omais has skirted Okinawa and is on a northeast track towards South Korea. According to Tropical Storm Risk, it has lost strength and been downgraded to a tropical depression.

The worst hit area was the Kyushu region, where some weather stations recorded more than 1,000mm (39in) of rain in less than a week. 

Shinkansen bullet train services were disrupted and the Japan Meteorological Agency advised the evacuation of over a million people.

According to flood monitoring company ICEYE, 337 square km were flooded, with 63,021 buildings impacted in Saga City, 36,909 buildings affected in Kurume City and 16,093 buildings impacted in Takeo City.

ICEYE’s Flood Monitoring Solution provides the industry with near real-time flood extent and depth data at the building level within 24 hours of the peak water level for a flood event.