Special report: Future technology

In such a dynamic and ever changing world, and with absolute security as an impossible goal, risk managers must be ready for anything. Businesses strive to be both secure by design and cyber-resilient. It’s through finding the right application and balance of these two concepts that they can truly minimize technology risk.


After COVID, firms will face transformative change

COVID-crisis will lead to a new period of rapid, transformative growth and prosperity, predicts Studio 44

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WEF: Scenario planning for Industry 4.0

The rapid pace of technological change and pandemic crisis is accelerating trends; making risk forecasting more challenging

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Keeping up in 2021

The risk management function is undergoing a fundamental transformation spurred by the coronavirus pandemic

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Willis Towers Watson to leverage AI for emerging risk solutions

Airmic welcomes broker’s partnership with analytics firm Polecat, which ”signals a new generation of innovative risk management solutions”