Special report: Future technology

In such a dynamic and ever changing world, and with absolute security as an impossible goal, risk managers must be ready for anything. Businesses strive to be both secure by design and cyber-resilient. It’s through finding the right application and balance of these two concepts that they can truly minimize technology risk.


Staying as smart as 5G

Connected devices are transforming our lives, and our risk landscape. As some risks are eradicated, new concerns are coming to light. We sat down with AIG’s David Ho to discuss how insurers must adapt.

3D printing

Is 3D printing dangerous?

It represents a huge breakthrough in the way companies manufacture goods. But are companies brushing worker health fears over 3D printing under the rug as they race to embrace the new technology?

Ethics -944011406

Ethical dilemmas of IoT

When it comes to autonomous vehicles, we are faced with an ethical dilemma: In the seconds before an accident, should an autonomous vehicle do anything it can to protect the passengers, even if it means harming other motorists or pedestrians?


Keep pace with connectivity

The Internet of Things is blazing trails like nothing before. But as data privacy and safety concerns set in, regulation is hot on its heels. Our industry must be up to speed with this fast-moving new world.