Environmental, health and safety professionals will offer enterprise-wide risk advice

ESIS, the risk management services business of ACE USA, has announced the launch of a subsidiary operation in Shanghai, China.

ACE Environmental Health and Safety Consulting (Shanghai) Company, supported by an in-country staff of environmental, health and safety professionals, will offer consultative services and products designed to identify and control risk across global and local organisations conducting business in China.

“Many US risk managers recognize ESIS as a leading provider of comprehensive, customised risk management solutions,” said Phil Haines, ACE chief advisor in China. “By expanding our global capabilities, we can provide enhanced value to both our multinational and local clients to provide a channel for direct business in China.”

“By offering a holistic risk perspective to clients, we can provide efficiencies and effective solutions to the complex and multi-faceted risk management challenges faced by large, multinational corporations, as well as to our local customers in China, from operational risks to environmental perils. We are committed to helping these organizations efficiently manage enterprise-wide risk,” commented John Ingram, vice president of ESIS Global Risk Control Services.

According to Ingram, client benefits will include customised risk control across international platforms, and global consistency of operations. ESIS clients are assured of working with highly qualified, local on-staff safety professionals trained in international quality and industry standards.