Sheri Wilbanks, global innovation lead for client service development, AIG explains why remote and ‘gig’ economy workers need the same risk protections as traditional workers.

Research has shown that business travel is on the rise despite all the digital technology available for remote conferencing, thereby increasing the risks to employees and business. 

Personally identifiable data from luggage is just one way that businesses are being targeted by fraudsters, according to Sheri Wilbanks, global innovation lead for client service development, AIG speaking at the StrategicRISK’s annual Risk Forum Hong Kong. 


Wilbanks said the increased connectivity means company intangible assets, as well as other business materials, are at risk whilst employers are travelling. 

Wilbanks also noted that duty of care obligations still apply in many jurisdictions, adding businesses need to manage the safety of workers in a remote working environment is just as important as ensuring health and safety within a traditional business environment.

56% of companies allow some form of remote working

Wilbanks also urged businesses to consider the risks to employees who are travelling with high-value business-owned technology items, adding many may need extra security - a risk many businesses fail to mitigate and manage.