When was the last time you put your risk programmes through their paces? Check out this #ChangingRisk 20-minute workout from Val Jonas, CEO of Risk Decisions Group.

Risk managers should work in synergy with other parts of their organisation and change negative perceptions of risk to achieve success, according to Val Jonas, CEO of Risk Decisions Group.

“In an ever-changing world”, senior managers are “asking for more information,” Jonas says. Risk teams should try and work together with different parts of their business to build a complete picture, she adds.

Speaking as part of StrategicRisk’s #ChangingRisk series, Jonas suggested risk teams could benefit from a fresh approach to their role, and how their team fits within their organisation.

“Great risk practice goes on within various parts of our organisations, from functions to programs, and projects, operations and strategic planning. Unfortunately, this is often happening in silos,” Jonas adds.

“Trying to provide a coherent picture to management is an increasing challenge,” Jonas says. “[Working together] doesn’t just provide a joined-up picture; it allows us to identify important risks we may not have previously thought of.”

Many organisations are not yet “sold” on risk management, Jonas says, making it challenging to get people on board: “It just gives them a feeling of negativity. They’ve already got a day job to do, and you’re asking them to put risk on top.”

To develop risk intelligence as an organisation, risk managers should create a safe place to explore risk, make the subject engaging for others, and tune into C-suite thinking. Risk professionals should stop using the term “risk management”, and adapt their language, she adds.

By working with other parts of their organisation and changing external perceptions of risk management, teams can achieve “risk success”, Jonas says.

“Risk success is all about positive thinking. Change the way people think about risk, from negative to positive, and people will go with you and start believing with you. Explain to people risk is a positive force for good and can do many good things. It can allow you to be competitive.