#ChangingRisk – Page 4

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    Part one: Building resilience into modern organisations


    In the first of our three-part series, risk specialist Warren Black tells us why risk management in the modern age is harder than at any other time in history.

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    To ERM or not to ERM?


    Is ERM valuable?  This was the theme of an online discussion hosted by Alex Sidorenko and Hans Læssøe.  StrategicRISK caught up with both risk practitioners ahead of the debate to find out more.

  • Hans Laessoe

    The rise of Execution Risk Management and Decision Risk Management


    Hans Læssøe, principal consultant at AKTUS and former risk manager of Lego tells StrategicRISK how the effect of an ever-increasing speed of change adds and alters the demands for risk management – both in terms of what to do, and how to do it.

  • Norman Marks

    Why do we need risk management?


    Renowned author, blogger and retired chief audit executive, Norman Marks, questions why we need risk management and what role ERM plays. 

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    Beware the Gray Rhino, not just the Black Swan


    IKEA China’s risk management and compliance director and RIMS board member Robert Zhang spoke to Strategic RISK  about the fast-changing risk landscape

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    There is a better way of managing risk


    As we begin the countdown to our Risk Forum in Hong Kong on April 19, StrategicRISK spoke to ever-controversial risk commentator, Alex Sidorenko, to give us a little preview of what is to come next week