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    Risk 4.0 - Are you prepared: Black


    Risk managers must be prepared for new risks in an unprecedented era of technological and societal change, according to Warren Black, principal and founder, Complexus

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    Risk managers should challenge subconscious bias: Gahan


    Risk managers should view risks from different perspectives and challenge subconscious bias in their roles, according to Karla Gahan, business continuity officer at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

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    Data and technology will improve decision-making: Shah


    The latest technology and efficient use of data will help risk managers to improve their decision-making, according to Frashad Shah, head of risk management at highway concession business Prolintas.

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    Changing perceptions of risk: Jonas


    Val Jonas, CEO of Risk Decisions Group, suggests risk programmes are put through a 20-minute workout 

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    Getting to grips with risk criteria


    Not all risks are easily measurable, but that doesn’t mean they can’t form part of your risk criteria, argues Sarah Gordon, chief executive of Satarla

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    Revolutionising risk


    When it comes to risks, the only constant is change. We have launched the #ChangingRisk survey to find out how you, the industry, believe we can adapt, so that we remain most valuable and relevant in this rapidly moving business world. Here’s a preview of the results so far

  • Alexander Larsen

    Making risk management a state of mind


    Get away from your desks, network, build relationship and understand what is close to the hearts of the top table. These are just some of tips offered by Alexander Larsen, president of Baldwin Global Risk Services, for how risk managers can make a difference in #ChangingRisk

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    How to upgrade your risk management


    As part of our #ChangingRisk series at Airmic 2019, Julia Graham, deputy chief executive and technical director at Airmic says risk managers must upskill on communication and storytelling and broaden their knowledge to gain the eyes and ears of the c-suite and the board

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    “Today’s risk management is fragmented”


    #ChangingRisk for the future requires a ‘unified’ voice to break down silos, says Colin Barker, company secretary for Bayer UK

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    Be part of the #ChangingRisk Community


    We surveyed risk managers from across the world for their views on what needs to change in risk management. Here’s a preview of the results

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    What is strategy? That’s the question


    Much has been written about the risk leader of the future, but there is less agreement as to how exactly this person can be strategic in their approach. Darren Munday, partner at ICG, gives us the ‘how’ and proposes a structured approach to horizon scanning, in our latest #ChangingRisk article ...

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    From transactional risk management to risk-based decision-making


    For many, strategy is the realm of the heroic chief executive, but risk managers have an important strategic role to play. Here, Darren Munday, partner at ICG outlines his vision for #ChangingRisk

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    Want to make a difference in risk? Try adapting your soft skills


    Dealing with the c-suite is becoming one of the most critical components of a risk manager’s job. And to play a bigger role in #ChangingRisk in their companies, risk managers need to develop critical soft skills, says François Malan, chief risk officer at Nexity

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    Risk management systems versus risk management process


    Process management achieves results through planning and system management manages various components that must work together to achieve an objective. Here’s how the two should work, writes Adrian Clements, international enterprise risk manager

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    Be part of the #ChangingRisk movement – take part in our qualitative study


    Seven questions, 5 minutes – all that’s required to be part of the #ChangingRisk movement and have your say in our #ChangingRisk manifesto.

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    Stop thinking like risk managers and start thinking like the C-suite


    As part of #ChangingRisk, I’d like more risk managers to report to the CEO, with access to the board, says Gaëtan Lefevre, group risk and insurance manager at Cockerill Maintenance Ingénierie.

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    The future is bright if risk managers embrace AI techniques


    A new generation of risk managers will proactively seek out risk roles and careers; become the pioneers of new risk techniques through the use of AI; and become the c-suite’s go-to person. That’s the #ChangingRisk hopes for the future, according to Ferma’s Typhaine Beaupérin, and Gilbert Canaméras

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    The future is in the ‘radical risk management process’


    Risk management is a mental process, not a technical one of data gathering, evaluation and reporting. Those who do nothing will just be exploited by those who constantly change and improve. So, swap tradition for a four-tiered ‘radical’ risk management process, writes Horst Simon of Risk Culture Builder

  • Patrick Smith

    Don’t make tools the shop window in risk management


    Traditional risk management tools are limiting the effectiveness of risk management and holding the risk management profession back, says Patrick Smith, managing director, Acumen Advisory.

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    Virtual panel discussion: How to elevate risk management with risk-based decision-making


    Our panellists – Alexander Larsen, Alex Sidorenko, Danny Wong, and Hans Læssøe – answer questions from the audience about how best to apply risk-based decision-making and overcome the challenges of board and c-suite engagement