With companies investing more in risk, the task at hand is to prove its value to those at the very top.

Being heard is our theme for this edition of StrategicRISK Australia and we look forward to hearing from many of you at the RIMS Risk Forum Australasia. It is clear from this year’s StrategicRISK Australia risk management survey results that many organisations are investing more in risk – particularly talent. Yet significant strides are still needed to push risk information to the forefront of senior decision-makers’ minds. The challenge  for risk professionals, as they hone their communication skills, is demonstrating how risk can be a business enabler and an asset in an uncertain and rapidly changing world.

Once again the results of the survey reflect the risk landscape you are steering your business through. Economic pressures, intense competition and the need to innovate remain key themes. And in a world that is increasingly reliant on technology, cyber has climbed to the top spot as the concern that keeps many of you awake at night.  With new breach notification rules looming and global cyber attacks causing widespread disruption, it is easy to see how cyber has risen to the top of the risk ranking in 2017.