AIR is working with the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design to improve its understanding of building vulnerability in China

AIR Worldwide has announced a collaboration with the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD) to better understand the vulnerability of buildings in China. BIAD researched and analysed seismic response of building types common to China. The findings will be used to enhance AIR’s China earthquake model.

As part of the project, BIAD will create a database of China-specific building characteristics and their seismic performance.

“Through structural performance studies, we will quantify the relative vulnerability of various classes of engineered buildings throughout China,” said Dr Qisong Miao, director of the research department at BIAD. “Our team of experts will analyse the design of these commercial buildings to determine how various factors such as the seismic fortification levels and the age of the building impact their earthquake vulnerability.”

Uday Virkud, senior vice president at AIR Worldwide, said: “BIAD’s engineering-based approach to understanding the vulnerability of building structures throughout China will enable us to further enhance our industry leading model, which is used by the top property insurers in China to manage earthquake risk.”