AIR is joining forces with the Shanghai Typhoon Institute to enhance its understanding of the tropical storms

AIR Worldwide Corporation has announced it will collaborate with the Shanghai Typhoon Institute (STI) on research to investigate the atmospheric and hydrologic characteristics of landfalling typhoons in China. The findings will be used to enhance AIR’s new China typhoon model.

“This collaboration will advance our understanding of typhoon risk in China and provide information that is vital in keeping with the country's need to prepare for and mitigate the impact of natural disasters,” said Dr Xudong Liang, deputy director of STI.

STI aims to improve the understanding of tropical storms—specifically the mechanisms that influence their formation, track, structural evolution and landfall location—to apply this information to studies submitted by various governmental, administrative, or operational organisations.

As part of the research, STI will perform a detailed analysis of the major historical typhoons that made landfall in China. For each storm, STI will examine the genesis, track, maximum observed windspeeds, and accumulated precipitation and perform an in-depth analysis of the environmental factors that influenced the evolution of the wind and precipitation fields.