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    The real threat behind fake news


    So-called ‘alternative facts’ in today’s online world reach many quickly and can ruin the reputations of those in the firing line. Risk managers must be primed to shut down bad buzz before it has a chance to spread.

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    Learn from Cricket Australia's mistakes


    Ahead of the RIMS conference in Sydney 4-5 September and Auckland on 7 September, StrategicRISK spoke with keynote speaker, Cricket Australia head of team performance Pat Howard to talk about balancing risk-taking with team performance.

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    RIMS Conference 2018: Why you need to attend


    As we hit the downhill run to RIMS Sydney conference on 4-5 September and Auckland 7 September, StrategicRISK sat down with the RIMS board to find out why you shouldn’t miss this year’s conference.

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    Part three: Building resilience into a modern organisation


    In the final part of our series, risk specialist Warren Black explains how organsations can embed a systemic sense of resilience into organsations.

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    Part two: Building resilience into modern organisations


    Organisational risk frameworks aspire to help their organisations become intelligently responsive to the highly disruptive forces which emerge out of complex working systems, but what does this mean for risk managers? Risk specialist, Warren Black explains.

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    Part one: Building resilience into modern organisations


    In the first of our three-part series, risk specialist Warren Black tells us why risk management in the modern age is harder than at any other time in history.

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    Singapore government says raise cyber security now


    Cyber Security Agency (CSA) to advise owners of critical information infrastructure (CII) on what they can do to further beef up their defence.

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    What would be the ideal indicator/parameter to measure your ERM maturity?


    Many organisations look for some metric of maturity of their ERM program to show how well they are performing, and potentially where and how they can improve, Hans Læssøe, principal consultant at AKTUS and former risk manager of Lego explains.

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    Are heat maps a blessing or a curse?


    Ordinary risk heat maps are of limited help for management to steer the company. We need new concepts says Chris Schwager, managing director SRI Strategic Risk Institute

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    Trade wars put APAC at risk


    The rise in protectionist trade measures from the US and countermeasures from the People’s Republic of China have significantly raised the risk stakes in Asia, says new report.